Posted by: Alex | October 25, 2011

New Phase for the Restless, Young, and Reforming Blog

When I began this blog it was mostly for my own benefit, for the purpose of keeping me on track with some reading I wanted to do.  It kinda worked, then my job took over and getting all the reading and writing done that I wanted became impossible.  But somewhere along the way, perhaps as some pretty striking dialogue picked up between what I was writing here and the posts of a few other friends on their own blogs, I began to envision this as more than just for my benefit.  A new idea has occurred to me for the purpose of this blog which centers around that kind of dialogue.  So I have invited some friends of mine, several of whom represent views very different from my own, to join into this blog and create a forum of sorts for discussing the state of contemporary Christianity in its many facets and from many different points of view.  We will write about news, books, conferences, churches, events, music, trends- anything and everything that we feel reflects in some way one of the many directions that contemporary Christianity is moving.  We will give our own opinions, and frequently those opinions won’t line up with one another, but that’s alright (at least, it is for the purposes of this blog).  We will discuss these things with one another, and we hope others will join in.  The goal of this blog is not so much to convince everyone that our particular view is correct as to learn from one another and learn to communicate with one another more effectively and respectfully.  I suspect that despite our differences there is more we hold in common than we realize, and part of the purpose of this blog is to uncover some of those commonalities.

The name of the blog- Restless, Young, and Reforming- now takes on a bit of a new significance.  The name began as a play on words with the name of a book about the Neo-Reformed movement in evangelicalism which I discussed at the beginning of the summer.  While all of the people invited to contribute to this blog would qualify as young (unless you ask the 4th graders I taught last year, in which case I am apparently really old…) and we might describe ourselves as in some sense restless, its the “reforming” part of the name that has particular meaning now.  Some of the contributors to this blog will self-identify as Reformed in the sense of John Piper or Kevin DeYoung.  Others, myself included, would shun that label fairly consistently (though admittedly I at times flirt with Reformed theology).  The point is not to put a label on this blog- the blog is not meant to be either Reformed or non-Reformed in perspective.  The blog is meant to reflect the fact that we are all learning, both in our own studies and from one another, and as Christianity grows and moves and changes so do we.  We are always in the process of reforming, and this blog is meant to capture some of that process as we discuss and hash out some of our similarities and differences.  Hopefully that process of reform proves useful not only to us but to those who happen to read what we write here.

With that said, allow me to introduce some of our new contributors:

Dallas Goebel is working on a M.Div. at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  He and I graduated from Southeastern Bible College together in 2010.  He is the author of the blog No Other Name and was one of the chief respondents to my posts during the summer.  Excited to have him become a contributor to this blog!

Nick Lutzo is a graduate student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary near Boston, Massachusetts where he is working on an MA in Systematic Theology.  Also a Southeastern grad, he was a year ahead of myself and Dallas.  He also has his own blog- Alethia– and he and I have had many friendly engagements, mostly about the nature of free-will.  Looking forward to more such conversations here in the future.

Colby Jones is a graduate student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago, Illinois where he is working on an MA in New Testament.  He was the valedictorian of Dallas’ and I’s graduating class from Southeastern.  I’m excited to bring him into the blogging world here!

Michael Glawson is working on a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.  He graduated a year ahead of me from Southeastern and was one of my closest friends there.  Excited to have him on this blogging team, I think he will represent a very unique voice in this group!  He has two blogs of his own which are definitely worth reading:  The Mind on Fire and The Holy Dark.

Peggy Gurubel is studying for an MA in Counseling at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  She and I and Dallas and Colby graduated together from Southeastern in 2010, though Peggy and I weren’t sure we were gonna make it through a biology class we took our last semester…  We did, and I’m excited to have her joining our blogging community here!

Looking forward to many wonderful conversations with these folks and many others who will join into the discussion!


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