Posted by: Alex | February 3, 2012

Music Review: David Crowder Band, “Give Us Rest”

A quick note offering my strong recommendation that you check out the David Crowder Band’s newest (and last) CD “Give Us Rest.”  I have been extremely impressed with the music in listening to it for the last week or so, am already scheming how I can use some of this with the band at the camp I will be leading worship for this summer.  I have always been impressed with Crowder’s creativity as a musician.  This album showcases that wonderfully.  As an added bonus (to me at least) it also features a lot of awesome piano work, which I have not noticed as prominently in prior Crowder albums.

Check it out!

One reason I bring this up is that I was actually introduced to the album not by evangelical friends of mine but by mainline protestants who were attracted to the liturgical theme of the album (its built as if it were a requiem mass) and then thoroughly impressed by the music.  This is interesting to me because I think Crowder has done something remarkable here.  He seems to be bridging the gap a bit between liturgical and “evangelical” worship.  In most mainline traditions, at least as I have experienced or encountered them, the idea of having a rock-band leading worship is foreign and frightening.  Its what those radical evangelicals do.  It might be ok for a youth retreat or camp setting, but certainly it could never happen in church.  The interest Crowder seems to be generating among mainliners here, at least, makes me think there is a possibility this barrier will be rethought in the not too distant future and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.


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