About This Blog

This blog is meant to be a forum of ideas.  In a way that describes most blogs.  But what makes this blog unique is that it is an intentional attempt at dialogue from a variety of perspectives.  The various contributors who will write on this blog come from multiple traditions, study at several different schools, and hold vastly different views on many different subjects.  We are not trying to hash out an agreed upon systematic theology.  Nor are we even really trying to change one another’s minds (at least not all the time).  We are interested in fruitful dialogue about issues that matter to us and our communities.

The focus of this blog in particular is on the state of contemporary Christianity and its position in at least American society today.  Here on this blog we will discuss books, conferences, writers, pastors, sermons, music, interviews, major news events, and other things which we think reflect the state of contemporary Christianity.  The point is to use what is currently happening in Christianity as the launching off point for discussions about the direction we see things moving and what we think should be the direction things are moving (and these may not always be different).  We invite others to join into the conversation.  Our only request is that everyone keep comments respectful and relatively short.  We look forward to the conversations we will have here and the food for thought that comes out of it!



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